How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth...

Beginnings: pt 1

Baldur's Gate: A loyal servant reports to his queen.

Grieving Companions, a Night Market, and the Rube-Marked.

“ Oh, Mother of Night and Shadows…”

“…while Syndra Silvane is dying and her family and friends mourn in anticipation. Several of these gathered in the Elfsong Tavern where young LocNar remained inconsolable as the rest took it upon themselves to keep him from doing any more damage to himself or municipal property than he has already this week. Though there is plenty of grief to go around, the Fade remains strong in her conviction that…”

“…they insisted on escorting Elsie Silvane to her booth in the Night Market. Somewhere between the outer and inner market rings, an elven runner brushed past while fleeing a half-orcan guard in fierce pursuit…”

”…when the elven thief slyly ditched the stolen goods into the begging bowl of an old gnome before disappearing into the crowd of market goers thus luring the guard after her. Silvane’s apprentice decided he coveted the contents of the small crate - a bejeweled rodent’s skull – but an elven woman keen on acquiring the valuable skull haggled him to 15 gold worth before leaving it to young Nimbledigit. By the time he discovered the worth of this cheap macabre bauble, the elven woman and beggar gnome were nowhere to be found…”

“…Luka and the twins pursued the elven thief with dreadlocks out of the Night Market and into the lower ward where they soon lost the trail…“

“…had given up the chase they then returned to the Night Stall of Elsie Silvane. She seemed eager to perform some sort of arcane display so we watched as she animated a lute to rotate about her in dramatic fashion. The charm proved faulty, though, because the lute grew malevolent in its intent and swung about to cave in her skull. Elsie was quite lucky that her friends and cousins were nearby because soon after this nearby food, portraits, exotic creatures, and even weaponry began animating with designs on her life…”

“…they returned a battered LocNar and Elsie to a back room at the Elfsong Tavern for rest and divine healing. Alyth ushered us all to an occupied room where she evicted one bed of its occupants and gave us use of the room for the night. As we settled in, Elidor noticed the same as I: that the notorious card sharp, Gavin Acesprout, was currently sitting at the bar of this very establishment – and was taking a keen interest in our situation…”

 “Ever your loyal servant,

Alata Nox XXXIV


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