How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth...

Beginnings: pt 2

Baldur’s Gate: A loyal servant reports to his queen

Cryptic Dialogues, a Bountiful Breakfast, and the Elemental Fury.

“ Oh, Mother of Night and Shadows…”

“…and so I worry the fade grows tired of communicating through me. I have established a functional repoire but she hungers for direct contact with my queen before allowing herself to…"


“…within the crypt of an archmage where we spoke in what I presumed to be absolute privacy. The fade insists that we were not alone and yet I observed neither spy nor skulker within the halls of Wisdom that she has created within her mind…"

“…the halfling cardsharp remained in the Elfsong Tavern until morning. Loc-Nar, conversed with him by the fire while the twins listened nearby and the rest of the tavern began to grow lively with the sounds of morning routine. At some point, the rogue was recognized by half orcan mercenaries and the chase was on to see who would be the collector of this particular bounty…"

“…was when we began to notice that the halfling rogue was toying with us! He moved bloody quick, my queen, and just as the multiple bands of bounty hunters seemed to close in upon him - right there in the heart of the Daystalls - the earth below erupted in a muddy geyser spilling a mud covered xorn out into the marketplace thrashing about and roaring into the sky. The xorn snatched Loc-Nar by the wings and shook him violently over its mouth as though to render him submissive before his bloody end. Despite the sudden violence, I couldn't help but notice that the xorn was careful to avoid rending flesh with its great claws but instead, it ripped open the money pouch at Loc-Nar's belt, spilling the contents into the xorn's greedy mouth. This is when I realized I had mistaken the xorn's motives, for it was a hunger-driven panic that drove the creature to violence! The  damndest thing, my queen, happened at that point…


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